Thank your for visiting my site! If this is your first time shopping please read my FAQs and if your still have any questions you can contact me through my contact or DM on instagram @arcoarte

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send the photo I want on my custom painting?

After placing your order, we will contact you with either the email or phone number you provided so that we can receive the photo.

How do I know if my photo can be used in my painting?

Contact us through our contact or DM on instagram @arcoarte.

How long do paintings and stickers take to ship and arrive?

Paintings can take up to two weeks to make and can take approximately 2-4 days to arrive. Stickers can be shipped immediately if in stock and ordered on its own without a painting.

If I buy more than one painting/sticker, do I have to pay double the shipping?

If your paintings/stickers were paid in the same order, them your shipping fee can reimbursed if you contact us! If the paintings/stickers were paid in separate orders, your shipping can be reimbursed if the first order has not shipped yet. To be sure, contact me so your shipping fee can be accurate!

I misclicked and didn't pick the right option / entered my address wrong . Can I fix it?

Yes! Contact us through our page or message us at @arcoarte to get your order fixed.